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Release Date for Book Two November 5, 2021

An excerpt from A New Beginning series, Book Two:

That night we dined on buffalo hump and buffalo tongue. These delicacies were reserved for the most important celebrations. The meat was roasted and flavored with wild onion, garlic, and watercress. I loved the taste of the meal. Our guests had no way of knowing how hungry we were, at least that is what I thought at the time.

In hindsight, I am certain Tosahwi knew we were starving. The winter had been brutal, the game scarce. We had wandered far from the warmth of the cave on the high mountains.

There was no doubt in my mind that finally locating this large group of our people was at the direction and blessing of the Spirit. We would have become very weak within a few more days. I was consumed with gratefulness; my wife and unborn child might now survive.

I made sure after the feast they were both warm and safe within Tosahwi’s lodge. When Nita was sleeping soundly, I quietly exited the lodge and made my way across the open prairie. Sounds of the night came alive. The night birds called to one another in the distance. I heard the frogs along the riverbank. Little light bugs illuminated the buffalo grass within each of my footsteps. I arrived, standing along the edge of the waters that had carried us to this place. Awareness enveloped my mind. Along the banks of the Pecos River, in the year 1808, I knelt and prayed.

The songs came from a place in my heart I had never known. I sang the song of gratefulness. I sang the song of healing over my beautiful wife. I sang the song of celebration, thinking of my child. I cried out to my God, with all that was within me.

A vision appeared within my mind and heart. I saw the future. Perhaps what I had seen in my vision would not come to be. Or perhaps The Spirit, might possibly be persuaded.

I wept and sang and pleaded.

Then as instructed by my grandfather, I waited in silence.

His voice came to me as a gentle whisper.

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