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Paperback Edition

A New Beginning Series Book 3: These Thousand Days

Author Steven G. Hightower continues his narrative of the NuMuNuu (The People) in this beautifully crafted Novella/Short Story.

Will Topusana and her little tribe from the San Saba survive the constant threats to their nation’s sovereignty?

Will they survive a possible invasion of their bountiful Homeland?

In this dramatic look into the future might we discover more concerning the mystery of the Dream Time? Ride along with our characters as they explore their homeland. See the marvels of technology that The People have brilliantly developed. Discover again what lengths nations will go to, in an effort to take what is not theirs.

Under the wise leadership of Topusana and her family of Warriors might nations finally learn the meaning of the words of our beloved friend Sumu Puku (One Horse) …
”Others may not be so bold Dak.”

With a powerful lead into his final book in the A New Beginning series, Book 4 Kicking Fox, readers will await in eager expectation the final installment of Steven's masterful storytelling.

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