Copy of A New Beginning/ The Smoke of One Thousand LodgeFires

Copy of A New Beginning/ The Smoke of One Thousand LodgeFires

A New Beginning  is a beautiful story of survival, romance, tradegy, murder...and ultimatly justice.


The Comanche Nation in Texas was on the brink of extermination. With the leadership of our heroine, Toposana ( Prairie Flower), might the Numunuu ( The People) survive?



One more day. Just one more day and the entire tribe would enter the cavern for their journey into the Dream Time. There they would be safe, safe from the bullets, from the broken promises, safe from the rangers and white soldiers.

The attack on the Home Camp had come as a surprise. The battle was quick and decisive, it had not even been a contest. The Comanche were outnumbered twenty to one. Topusana (Prairie Flower) had been taken prisoner. She had witnessed the violation and murder of her beautiful daughter, Topunicte (Prairie Song). Now, this dark night, she could not stop  the tears. Those tears emanated from the secret storehouse deep within a mother’s heart.

The dim light from the sacred fire cast shadows that danced across the walls of the hidden cavern. The ceremonial songs drifted through her mind; her spirit received the songs of the Shaman Tosahwi. She felt light as if floating…the tunnel encircled her, as she rose into the stars. Tosahwi allowed the song to drift from his soul, quieting now. He placed his hand upon her brow; he detected the slowing of her heartbeat. Her faith was strong.

Then Topusana slept…

Would she awaken far enough into the future…to attempt a new beginning?

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