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Hardcover Edition with Dust Jacket   Author signed

The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires


A New Beginning/The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires Little Creek Publishing Co. Our Heroine, Topusana (Prairie Flower) awakens in a hidden cavern in the Texas Hill Country after having survived an attack by the Texas Rangers. During that battle Topusana is herself rescued from captivity by her husband Tabbananica (Voice of the Sun). The year is 1844. The Native American couple, along with a handful of survivors, escapes not into hiding, or a secret land, but into the “Dream Time.” Topusana, after seemingly sleeping in the hidden cavern only a few days, awakens to a world she has never seen or known. A beautiful story of survival and triumph unfolds as Topusana (Sana) adapts to the incredible obstacles to which she has awakened. She will move from the stone-age, into the modern world over a period of a few short months. With the help of a handful of characters whose lives are filled with integrity, grace, and kindness, a new world and time begin. Narratives of actual events and battles are intertwined throughout the book. The historical record that is brought will transport readers into the fascinating history, and heartbreaking destruction of the Comanche Nation in Texas. (Think Dances with Wolves) What is fresh and different about the work, is the creative mystic twist of what I call “The Dream Time.” Here is a powerful story of a Native American people possessing the faith, gifting, knowledge, or “Powerful Medicine,“ to transport Comanche survivors into a different time, thus enabling a decided alteration to our history. Will that history repeat itself? This is a story, an epic Native American Tale encompassing romance, mystery, suspense, tragedy, and the universal human struggle to simply survive. The story takes place within a modern western setting, (Think Yellowstone) providing a unique and entertaining read. The novel will in fact allow the reader to escape, the focal point I believe in our endeavor as storytellers.Steven G HightowerLittle Creek Publishing Co. All rights reserved

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    Hardcover Edition with matte Dust Jacket

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