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A desire to see good days:

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

What Father, Mother, Grandfather, or Grandmother, what human being would not desire this in their heart: To see good days?

Good days, not just for ourselves, but especially for those we love. Our family and our friends, those in our circle of influence. Most of us desire this also for our communities, our hometowns, or our country as a whole.

What might be the path, to this desire being fulfilled? Is there some key ingredient we might be looking for, or missing in our pursuit of seeing good days?

The answer is yes. We are missing a simple truth that would lead to good days. It seems as I listened to the news yesterday, from both sides, we are indeed missing that simple key.

What little detail are we missing in our " Pursuit of Happiness," laid out within the foundation of our country?

Question. Can you see in Dak, a young seventeen year old Native American, who just might be living out... what has many times been missing from my life.

Excerpt from book two:

" The words he spoke stung within my heart. How could this man say such a thing? I knew the truth. I knew the man had lied. But this untruth hurt, the words wounded something deep within my spirit.

The words of my Grandfather reverberated within my mind and heart. I remembered.

It had just been a normal Saturday morning. We were preparing our gear for the long walk into the mountains. The hunt would begin in just two days.

My Grandfather had given me a great responsibility, at least it was for an eight year old boy. Sharpening the arrowheads was of the utmost importance. I knew what my Grandfather had taught me...

'A hunter can perform every skill required for success, but without a good edge on the hand hewn stone arrowheads he might indeed go hungry over the long winter.'

I would make certain the arrowheads were perfect.

As I looked back on that morning so long ago, I now recognize this way, this tool, my Grandfather always had chosen to teach me. William Daklugie knew how to impart wisdom to a young man. It was always the same. Get me completely busy with any number of a myriad of different chores. Then in the midst of casual conversation, he would speak truths. It was then in the midst of a task, that he would so casually bring into our conversation some underlying life principle.

' You know, Dak, if you desire to see good days, you must keep your tongue from falsehoods.'

That's all he said. He turned and walked away. I continued working feverishly with the sharpening stone, testing the edge repeatedly. Yes, they were getting there. I ran the sharpened flint arrowhead gently down the front of my lower leg. Examining the arrowhead, I found just what I was looking for. A few fine hairs. Perfect I thought.

But I had heard exactly what he said."

"Guard well your thoughts when alone and your words when accompanied"

Roy T Bennett Author

My summer garden,


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