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Easter Thoughts

There was a man who was a doubter. He needed something more than seed faith, or simple faith. His friends had all gathered, being together was a good thing considering the times. However, the motive of coming together was questionable. They had gathered behind closed doors in fear.

Many have ridiculed the doubter. Although he in fact may have been the most courageous of all. The doubter did not join in the gathering of his friends behind the locked doors.

The doubter had faced the fear as one man, alone.

Sometimes it is the bravest of all who wrestle alone, when faith is challenged, and hope is crushed by doubt.

After a few days alone in this wilderness of brokenness and disappointment the doubter returned to his friends. Those friends did what we might also do. They recognized the struggle the doubter was walking through. The friends brought good news. Attempted to encourage the man. The doubter needed more than encouraging words.

The doubter needed proof.

The Spirit will always send at just the right moment exactly what any person needs. Whether proof, a life circumstance, even evidence of truth to a doubter. He sends exactly what is needed to chase away fear and doubt. It is like a picture of a young deer escaping the claws of a lion into freedom. The lion of doubt is defeated. Faith is restored. The doubter becomes the strongest of believers, having learned from escaping the lion.

The lessons are many from the doubter. The most important of those to me this Easter day seems that in the end being a doubter is good. Just as seed faith, or blind faith is also good. Though many may scoff at him, the truth is, it is a short time the doubter spends in brokenness and disappointment. Even if that time is measured in years. In the end when the light of faith shines through the life of the doubter it is proven that the refining of his faith has produced a purity, and beauty, and strength beyond compare.

If you ever are to find yourself doubting, ask as the doubter modeled for us. Ask exactly what it is you need to see.

Even if it is... a nail scared hand.



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