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My Interview with Mr. Daklugie Scottsdale Arizona from Book Two: The Cross of One Horse

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

"I am an old man now, an Elder of my Tribe. When I look back on my life, there are twists and turns, important events, highlights if you will. Those places that we must turn to the left or to the right and our future path lies in the balance of that decision. We all have those moments in our walk. However, none of those difficult or blessed or dramatic instances compare with what I call, the one time.

The one time event that shapes you, changes you forever. It is that simple act of significance that enlightens the soul, that awakens the light within.

Those who carry this revelation of mercy and goodness to those searching, should be called prophets. For that is what they are. Who was the prophet in your life? (He asked this of me and waited quietly during the interview for my response. I knew the answer in an instant.)

Who was it that believed in you? Who was it that saw beauty in you...before you believed in yourself? Who planted the seed of truth, that you were worthy? Worthy of self love.

Much energy is spent on how we might love others, and that is a good thing. The great truth that was spoken however, acknowledged that this ancient stone has two sides. To love one's neighbor, can only be done on a level equal to a soul's ability to love oneself. The two sides of the stone are inseparable. ( I sat in awe of this mans words, his wisdom )

So think back with me. When was it? Were you very young? A teen perhaps or was it later in life? Was it a teacher, a coach possibly, a friend, a grandmother, a grandfather?

I am old. But I know this to be true. The Spirit always sends someone who believes in you. Always for me, as you know from my story, it was my Grandfather.

Perhaps this is happening in your walk now? Who is it that sees the beauty in you? (Again he waited momentarily for my response, but before I could reply Mr. Daklugie closed his eyes and continued)

Perhaps you are the Prophet. Could it be that you are the one the Spirit has sent to awaken the deep spiritual truth in someone near you. To awaken the truth within that they are worthy, worthy of self love. (He opened his eyes, and I saw something that I will write about soon)

Hear the words of my ancestors, my Son. What is a sparrow worth? It is a beautiful creation. The sparrow can fly. The sparrow can feed itself, build a home, take care of it's young: feed them, clean them, protect them, as only the best of mothers could. The sparrow knows when to launch her young from the nest and she teaches them to fly. What is a sparrow worth?

Of all things about the sparrow this is the most amazing... The Creator sees, when even one of them falls.

And know this my Son. You are worth more than many, many, sparrows."

His wisdom has found its way into my tales. My hope is that as you read of young Dak and Timothy and Mr. David Ross, that you, like them will also experience a small morsel of what I felt, of what I saw...of what I learned from him.

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