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My Social Distance:

It is a good morning here in the mountains of central New Mexico. The wind is up and a few snow flakes drift outside the window of my home office and it's very cold outside. I'm warm and snug in the office as I work, However, I am socially distant.

Although my children (both sets), and grandchildren are just a few miles down the road, I have not seen them for several days.

I have plenty of work, marketing research on the new upcoming book release, editing, and I have gotten a good start on book two. Like you, I suppose, every now and then I go check the headlines in the other room. Gets boring for me very quickly...same people saying the same things. But the virus is obviously spreading. As I listened today to the instructions for those most at risk, I thought to myself, well my wife and I are healthy, with no underlying health issues. We are not really at risk...I'm good.


In reality we are grandparents. Hello. Without giving our ages away, we have grandchildren in their teens. Hello again. Like it or not, we are in the "At Risk" age group.


So we are doing the best thing we can do. Distancing.

Like you we have the cell phones, email, texts, and land line calls going with those we love and care for. But this is very different. I like to look folks in the eyes, hug on grandchildren, get outside daily for exercise, or just a few errands. It seems wise to put all of that on hold for now.

I wonder how long this continues, although I believe "This to shall pass."

Here's the take home.

Are we being offered an opportunity? An opportunity to put into practice a principle it seems long forgotten in our world. That is too..." Be still and know that I am God"

I am socially distant, yet spiritually, I'm close to my Creator.

I wonder if you are " Social Distancing", and how that is effecting you spiritually?

Please reply here :)


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