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Book 4 Kicking Fox Now an Amazon #1 Best Seller

A New Beginning: Book One, The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires

Publishing date September 19, 2020     Little Creek Publishing Co.  All rights reserved


                NOW BOOK 1 and BOOK 2 ARE BOTH   AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER'S!

    To My Readers,


Our Heroine, Topusana (Prairie Flower) awakens in a hidden cavern in the Texas Hill Country, having survived an attack by the Texas Rangers. During the battle Topusana is herself rescued from captivity by her husband Tabbananica (Voice of the Sun). The year is 1844. The Native American couple, along with a handful of survivors, escape not into hiding, or a secret land, but into the “Dream Time.” Topusana, after seemingly sleeping in the hidden cavern only a few hours, awakens to a world she has never seen or known. The year she awakens is 2020.

Her life goal and purpose... establish a homeland for her surviving tribe. In 2020 Topusana will face the same enemy, the United States Government, that nearly brought about the demise of her people in 1844.


 A beautiful story of survival and triumph unfolds as Topusana (Sana) adapts to the incredible obstacles to which she has awakened. She will move from the stone-age, into the modern world over a period of a few short months. With the help of a handful of characters whose lives are filled with integrity, grace, and kindness, a new world and time begin. 


 Narratives of actual events and battles are intertwined throughout the book. The historical record that is brought will transport readers into the fascinating history, and heartbreaking destruction of the Comanche Nation in Texas. (Think Dances with Wolves)


What is fresh and different about the work, is the creative mystic twist of what I call “The Dream Time.” Here is a powerful story of a Native American people possessing the faith, gifting, knowledge, or “Powerful Medicine, “ to transport Comanche survivors into a different time, thus enabling a decided alteration to our history. Will that history repeat itself?


This is a story, an epic Native American Tale encompassing romance, mystery, suspense, tragedy, and the universal human struggle to simply survive. The story takes place within a modern western setting, providing a unique and entertaining read. The novel will in fact allow the reader to escape, the focal point I believe in our endeavor as storytellers.

Steven G. Hightower

November 2020  

Ruidoso, New Mexico


A Bit About Me

I am a storyteller. I have always been so. To this point in my life my children and grandchildren have been the beneficiaries of this gifting, as they have been lulled to sleep over the last four decades by my wayward imagination. It is a beautiful revelation to discover ones true gifting in life. My hope is that as you read, you are able to escape within the pages, and rejoice with me as we celebrate together the ancient gift of a good story, well told.

I am forever grateful to my wife Ellie for her unwavering support (and editing:)

Thank you my Love

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A New Beginning Series: Book 2,

The Cross of One Horse

November 5, 2021


The continuing saga of Topusana( Prairie Flower) and the little tribe of survivors from the San Saba.

Travel back in time with Joshua Daklugie (Dak) and his beautiful young wife Kwanita (God is Gracious) Their journey has been prophesied and known by the people for generations. Might Dak hold the wisdom to turn back an army from across the sea?
The second in his top selling, A New Beginning Series, author Steven G. Hightower delivers yet again for his readers. Walk with the Numunuu (The People) across the plains and mountains of North America. Experience the heartache of war…and the joy of new birth. See the vivid imagery of life in a bygone error, when Native Americans walked in tune with Mother Earth and her blessings and bounty.
Within the pages of The Cross of One Horse might the reader discover the bounds of true friendship, the elemental truths of community, family, faith. As our characters discover what matters most in life, might we determine those principles and values ourselves.
What readers are saying:
“The story of Topusana in Book 1 The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires is seen again from a completely different perspective. Fascinating storytelling!”
“The Cross of One Horse is a classic tale of good versus evil. The outcome is never certain. This read will carry you along on the journey of discovery and intrigue. Historical events are delicately woven into the fabric of this work bringing about a level of shocking truth, and heartbreaking reality. Hightower has once again written a tale that somehow brings about every human emotion. From the gentle instruction at the hand of a grandfather…to the fierceness of a warrior meting out justice in the Old Way. You will not be disappointed.”